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DavarCoin is our tokenized coin to use in B2B transactions. If you’re a business interested in lowering bank commissions contact us for a free consulting session.

DavarPon is a voucher system that allow customers to purchase good and services at a discount with partner companies.

If you are a consumer consult our Partners page to discover businesses that accepts DavarPon.

If you are a company interested in promoting your business please contact us to discuss the advantages we can offer and the conditions.

In order to register please head to Register and fill all the required fields.

In accordance with our AML policy we perform a KYC procedure before activating the functionalities.

After the signup our compliance department will examine your application; if you provided all the required documents you’ll receive an e-mail that your request has been approved.

On occasions we might require further information before approving your account.

We don’t apply any limit to the transactions, but should we notice any abnormal activities on your account we may temporary block it to make sure everything is in order and contact you to restore it.

We work with any country as long as it’s not in the EU blacklist of tax havens.

Also we cannot work with countries under sactions (North Korea, Iran, etc.).